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Learning from Mr. “PR is a life experience”

NOVEMBER 21, 2019 - Author: Kazuko Kamijo

The number of people talking about PR in various media has increased, and I am happy that “PR in Japan is also evolving”.

On the other hand, when it comes to PR and PR work, it's a little different. This is because speaking requires different skills to gain practical experience. In the 1990s Bosnian War, Jim Harff, President and CEO of Global Communicators (Half), who has a history of public relations around the world, encouraged us to be convinced.

Encounter with global and historical PR heroes

It was about three years ago that I met Half, the protagonist of “War Advertising Agency-Information Operations and the Bosnia Conflict” (written by Toru Takagi, published by Kodansha Bunko), which is famous in the PR industry. The event was held in October 2016 in Tokyo, “Around the Public Diplomacy Salon” Jim Half. With NHK reports, I was glad to participate with the heart of Meha that I could meet that hero who was well known in Japan.


Akasaka at 7pm. Half of the PR and public affairs businessmen gathered one after another, half-sitting on the stool in front of him and keeping his knees together. It was very exciting and exciting to hear the story of the elders of the 100 battles who have been active on the world stage.


I was a college student studying international relations in New York when the Bosnian War, in which Mr. Half made full use of public relations strategy, was a global news. As an international student who is not yet able to speak English, not only language barriers, place names that are hard to remember, but proper names such as names of people, as well as over-complicated history, my head is messed up every day. I was trying to read and understand the information.


It was Mr. Half who was fighting behind that report. Impression that is very quiet when we actually meet. The low-key behaviors and gentle narratives have an aura of trust that can only be understood by a peer. Yes, a strong PR person is one who strongly regulates himself in the field so that the speaker and the news agency can move freely at any time, so as not to get in the way.

Persuasive power of "I see" from experience

Excited by Mr. Half, who was willing to talk about PR experiences, he just wanted to talk and started to ask questions. "How did you feel confident that you were making the right publicity decision in a complex situation?" Usually, I was so nervous that I had to say “Thank you very much for your studying” at the beginning of the question.


Despite this, Mr. Half quietly said, “We will do a lot of research over the years and continue to find out the facts with the team. From that experience, we will be confident in the publicity decision on what to do. " I was thinking of hitting my knees, "That's right!" The PR person experience is universal and has universal value over time!


Then, even when Mr. Half returned to Japan, he exchanged emails. I was happy to write this blog this time, and immediately gave me a message on my iPhone saying “Congratulations on launching the blog” and “I ’m glad to write”.


Don't worry if you are worried about how to improve your PR skills. If you believe in yourself and gain experience, you will be able to judge the situation under the constraints of time and conditions. And you have the confidence to take risks. The authority of global PR practice is guaranteed (laughs)!


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